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Quality made by BDT

BDT's ultimate target is to serve our customers to their entire satisfaction and to always fulfill their requirements and needs with regards to products and services.

Customer satisfaction is the basis of our success. Quality is the mandatory basis of our customers' satisfaction.


Thinking of tomorrow today

To fulfill the needs of today’s generation without compromising the quality of life of future generations – that is the objective of BDT.


Environmental protection and social responsibility is important to us

We believe that our most important task is to shape technological progress and the future of mankind in harmony with our environment. Therefore, as a modern, global Group, we take a forward-looking and environmentally aware approach.

Safety at work and health care, equally as important as environmental protection, are firmly rooted in the corpo-rate principles and cover all locations worldwide.


Health. Safety. Environmental protection. That is what we guarantee.

  • An environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 has been implemented at BDT since 1998.
  • We are a reliable partner who complies all legal regulations and recognizes and manages changes at an early stage (ROHS, REACH).
  • The careful use of resources throughout the entire product life cycle is for us an important part of our corporate policy.
  • A work safety management system according to OHSAS 18001 has been implemented at BDT since 2004.
  • The prevention of accidents comes first. Reportable accidents have been reduced to a minimum in the last couple of years.


Protect the Environment

The target of the BDT Group is set to keep negative environmental impacts of products, processes and business operations as low as possible and to reduce them continuously.

We want to achieve sustainable and environmental friendly acting within our complete business scope.


Working together in a spirit of trust

Our employees are the most important resources and they guarantee the sustainable success of the company. Therefore, the work safety and the health of our employees are very important concerns for us. We act according to principles in order to offer our employees and the people working on duty for BDT a save and resource efficient work environment.

Any dealing with employees is based on dignity and respect. At all BDT sites employment relationships must be respectful of the human being. Ethical principles are to determine all actions, law and legality are the only standards that count. Freedom of organization, equal rights, the possibility of anonymous complaints and an open information policy towards our employees are natural standards to be applied in all BDT locations every day.


BDT Code of Conduct / EICC Code of Conduct

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