/// Rottweil, Germany 02/05/2013 ///

  • Return target achieved despite difficult market conditions
  • Internal optimization processes lead to far-reaching cost reduction
  • Positive forecast for 2013


The BDT Media Automation GmbH, a leading partner to the IT and printing machine industry, generated sales of about 114 million euros in fiscal year 2012. The preliminary results also indicate an EBITDA of 8.8 million euros; at 7.7 percent of sales, this is only slightly below the planned value of 8.0 percent. Final results will be released by the company in late March 2013.

“Our target markets have been faced continually with the effects of the financial crisis over the past year. In particular, a weak demand for hardware products in Europe was recorded. This has also affected our revenues. Through ongoing internal process and structural optimization, we were able to absorb the decline, which was recorded in the operating results”, explains Dr. Holger Rath, Chief Financial Officer of BDT.

Important measures to simplify and streamline business processes, included the reorganization of the sales and account management teams in the U.S., the optimization of processes in Mexico and inventory reductions through new customer agreements. These changes led to an improvement in working capital and savings of approximately one million U.S. dollars.

The freight costs could be kept at an annual low level through a proactive logistic management, resulting in a reduction of this cost item. The BDT Media Automation GmbH invested about ten percent of its revenues in the development of new products in 2012.

In the business unit “Print Media Handling”, a large-format Paper feeder based on the BDT Tornado technology paper feeding system for digital printers was launched to the market. This has been marketed to HP Indigo since the beginning of 2013. HP Indigo, the market leader in digital print solutions, signed a four-year contract for a total amount of 50 million U.S. dollars.

In addition to the successful launch of the Tornado-based product family, the BDT Media Automation GmbH expects in the business unit “Storage Automation” a strong market entry for its new range of scalable products for long-term data storage for “enterprise business” in 2013.

Driven by this development, BDT as the exclusive supplier of the largest IT companies in the product segments of the small and medium sized storage libraries, plans with a growth of about four percent over 2012 and an improvement in EBITDA margin to at least eight percent.

BDT sees further potential for cost reductions through internal optimization processes for 2013. “We will work primarily on the streamlining of our foreign subsidiaries and expect a positive impact from the sale of our assembly plant in China,” said Rath, adding: “In addition, BDT is working intensively on the development of new markets with innovative products. Especially the area of the “Tornado-based” paper supply systems is a growing market. Thanks to our developments, we expect to gain new partners and customers as well as a consolidation of existing business and resulting growth in sales.”

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